This Clinically-Backed fixing: - Lakki Marwat

Tuesday, 12 April 2016
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City: Lakki Marwat, North West Frontier Province


Contact name aiyana darby

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•Promotes certain amino corrosive absorption!* 5
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About Me
- 21 Years Old
- 2005 lb Bodybuilder/Powerlifter
- 525x2 Squat, 545x2 Deadlift, 335x2 Bench
- Currently Lean Bulking utilizing my customized BF DUP Program comprising of:
Day 1: Lower Max Effort
Day 2: Upper Max Effort
Day 3: Lower Hybrid
Day 4: Upper Hybrid
Day 5: Lower Hypertrophy
Day 6: Upper Hypertrophy
Day 7: Weakpoint preparing (Arms and Calves